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Cesar A. Mosquera started Mosquera Contracting in 2001 after working in construction for several years. His expertise is in interior renovation and construction. Skilled in laying tile, installing drywall, cabinetry, finish carpentry and painting, Mr. Mosquera makes sure the job is done right. He also has a number of contacts in the plumbing and electrical trades, making it possible for him to manage all aspects of a project.
As small company Mosquera contracting has the capacity to offer customize service at a competitive price. New York  has numerous contractors and construction companies, the majority of with use sub-contractors to complete their work. With us you eliminate the middle-man, insuring you quality work and saving both time and money.
Cesar A. Mosquera has a long list of satisfied customers from across New York City. Mosquera Contracting is licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and is fully insured (workers compensation, liability and disability insurance). We meet all the requirements to work in a variety of residential properties, including co-ops, condominiums, and rental properties. Mosquera Contracting offers free consultations and estimates.
Cesar A. Mosquera

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